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Cosmetic Mole Removal

When you have an unsightly mole, it can be removed with minimal scarring under local anesthesia in the office. Dr. Ross has experience in cosmetic surgery and facial surgery and would be happy to evaluate any spots of concern in the office. 


Dr. Ross treats both children and adults with facial rashes. Acne is a very common problem for teenagers and young adults. Dr. Ross is comfortable with aggressive acne treatment, including Accutane, facial peels and resurfacing. Rosacea is a common affliction for those who have fair skin. People with rosacea can get acne-like lesions, redness, and swelling of their face. There are many treatment options available for this condition, including laser, topical medications, and oral antibiotics. 


Psoriasis can be a very disturbing diagnosis for a patient, but fortunately, many treatment options exist. Psoriasis involves red, scaling plaques on the skin that may be itchy or painful. There are topical, oral and injectable medications available for psoriasis and Dr. Ross prescribes them all. Light therapy may also be used to treat psoriasis and while we do not offer it, we can help patients find a convenient location that does. 

Skin Cancer Screenings

It is important to get your skin checked for changing moles or suspicious spots at least once a year, even if you have never had a skin cancer before. Dr. Ross has has specialized training in identifying and removing suspicious lesions. A complete skin exam is included in every medical visit with our office. 

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